Tabloid TV News-Part 1

An open letter to just about every television news station through out the country and the so called “reporters” that work for them.

I remember when television news reporters actually reported the news. NO SPECULATION, NO GUESSING, NO MAKING STUFF UP TO FILL AIR TIME. JUST THE COLD HARD FACTS. A perfect example was Edward R. Murrow. Those where the good old days.


Now they go on the air and not only miss-report what is happening, miss-interpret what is said and then make stuff up as they go just to fill air space.

A few years ago, Headline News and CNN where one. At that time both where still reporting the news as it happened and seemed to be the only news stations that gave you both sides fairly and honestly.  Then Headline News and CNN got divorced.

First, let’s give credit where it is due. Robin Meade still gives what news she is allowed to, without unnecessary speculation. Kyra Phillips does her show the same way.

Now comes the big change. HLN hired Jane Velez-Mitchell and Nancy Grace as their “AUTHORITIES” on crime.These 2 so called reporters have instantly convicted anyone that has been accused of a crime. They DO NOT wait for all the evidence, and they sure as hell don’t wait for a trial and verdict. They SPECULATE on everything, from motive, weapons, people involved and anything else that comes to mind. They “INTERVIEW” anyone that they can shove a microphone in front of, no matter whether they have anything to do with the case or not. All they seem to be interested in is how much air time they can fill with their nonsense.

Now Vinny Politan has joined the circus and he seems to be trying very hard to catch the front runners.

There was the Drew Peterson trial, The Scott Peterson trial, the Casey Anthony trial and now their latest, Jodie Aries trial. This last one, had cameras in the court room and it was almost 24/7 coverage. When the trial was not going on, they where on the air guessing about what was going to be brought up. What the jurors MIGHT be thinking. What some of the witnesses and experts from both sides MIGHT be testifying to. And they spend untold amounts of time talking to people that had nothing to do with the trial, other than the fact that they lived in Arizona. They even went so far as to try and recreate the crime scene and then tried to recreate the crime in an allotted amount of time. IT WAS DAMN SHITTY ACTING WITH THEIR OVER DRAMATIZATION.

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to the Aurora Theater shooting or the Newtown School shooting.

And then there are the unending number of so called experts. Physiologists, psychiatrists, defense lawyers, prosecutors, retired law enforcement and any one else looking for their moment in the sun.

IN MY OPINION, if HLN had stayed as a reputable news station, these 2 “LADIES” and 1 “GENTLEMAN” would be working for The National Inquirer, or some other similar rag.

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