Just got done listening to Vice President Biden and N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg doing their usual rant about gun control. My question is; are they really as stupid as they sound or are they just trying to panic the people by their miss-information

As usual, they are ranting about banning WEAPONS OF WAR when they really mean semi-automatic rifles.  The difference is that weapons of war are FULLY automatic and assualt-STYLE rifles which are SEMI-AUTOMATIC. Taking a semi-automatic rifle and putting some fancy accessories on it DOES NOT make it a weapon of war.

That would be like taking the family SUV, putting racing strips on it and claiming that it was now an Indy style race car.

AND SO AGAIN, My big question is, are they really that stupid that they don’t know the difference or are they deliberately lying to miss-lead and panic the public so  that they can accomplish their goals.

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