It really pisses me off and amazes me that whenever i look at a dating site or any other place where women are looking for men, one of the very first things that they not only say they want, but even insist on, is HONESTY.

So, now lets see how honest are the women.

They pluck their eye brows to look smooth, uniform and to get rid of the bushy look, they use eye liner to make their eyes more attractive and alluring and mascara to enhance their eye lashes and make them look longer. Now, the new trend is to add false eye lashes (glued on) to make them look fuller and also longer. Blush and powders to make their cheeks look rosy and take the shine away from the tip of their nose.

And of course, silicon implants for bigger boobs, push up bras to give the illusion of bigger boobs, girdles to flatten and hold in the chubby stomachs. Then there are special pads to enhance their buts, nylons to make their legs smother and high heels to accentuate their legs, buts and boobs.

Now on television they are advertising something called the Cami. It is supposed to smooth out all the ladies bumps, bulges and love handles to give her a smoother and thinner look and eliminate the muffin top look. This Cami fits from the top of the breasts like a bra, to half way down the hips. No one will be the wiser until she takes off her clothes and all the lumps, bumps and love handles fall out.


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