To everyone that lives in Arizona, especially if you are thinking of voting for John Mccain, DON’T. For a man that was a POW during the Vietnam war, and claims to love veterans and will do anything for them, his voting record on veterans issues is horrible.

In my opinion, he is nothing but a liar and a hypocrite. His big claim to fame is supposedly his being a POW and his voting record for veterans.


1. Veterans Groups Give McCain Failing Grades.
2. McCain Voted Against Increased Funding for Veterans’ Health Care.
3. McCain Voted At Least 28 Times Against Veterans’ Benefits, Including Healthcare.
4. McCain Voted Against Providing Automatic Cost-of-Living Adjustments to Veterans
5. McCain Voted to Underfund Department of Veterans Affairs.
6. McCain Voted Against a $13 Billion Increase in Funding for Veterans Programs.
7. McCain Voted Against $44.3 Billion for Veterans Programs.
8. McCain Voted Against $47 Billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs.
9. McCain Voted Against $51 Billion in Veterans Funding.
10. McCain Voted Against $122.7 Billion for Department of Veterans Affairs.

AND THE LIST GOES ON. There are well over 30 examples of just how poorly he supports veterans, their families and their health needs. For those of you that wish to see the whole list and all the facts, just go to;

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