In 1955, when I joined the reserves, I took a solemn oath to defend this country and it’s constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. In 1956, when I went full active military, I took that oath for the second time. To the best of my knowledge, I HAVE NOT been released from that oath. I will live by that oath and defend this country and it’s constitution, by whatever means are necessary, until the day I die.
There is a large faction in this world that has sworn to destroy America and it’s people because we DO NOT believe in the same god that they do and because we are free. This same faction has sworn to kill me because I am an American and proud of it, and more so because I am a Jew and proud of that as well. I will not now and never will knuckle under to these people.
Because I am NOT allowed to take my gun and shoot those that are working to destroy my country and myself, I post or repost a lot of things that some people seem to have a problem with. To you people, I say FUCK YOU. The constitution gives me the right to express my opinion. Nobody says that you need to agree with it, like it or repeat it and if it offends you that much, GO THE FUCK AWAY.

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