First let me say that I am 78 years old and an avid gun enthusiast. I have owned guns since I was in my 30’s. I own a number of hand guns, a couple of shotguns, an AK-47 assault rifle, a number of other long guns and a Concealed Carry Permit as well. I am a FORMER member of the NRA. I gave up my membership when in my opinion, the president of the NRA was more interested in the power he held over the Republican party than what was best for the membership of the NRA or what was best for my country as a whole.

ANYONE can go to any traveling gun show, an example is the NRA gun show and The Crossroads of the West Gun Show, to name a couple, and buy as many hand guns, long guns, assault rifles and accessories as they can afford. I have personally watched people buy 6 or more weapons, go out and put them in the trunk of their vehicle and return to buy more.

This is how guns get into the hands of criminals, gang bangers and ALL others that CAN NOT buy guns legally at their local gun store.

And yet our COWARDLY, DO NOTHING REPUBLICANS, who have a chance to do the RIGHT thing, refuse to act. I see nothing wrong with closing this loophole and instituting background checks at gun shows. It WILL NOT infringe on my 2nd amendment rights. It WILL NOT interfere with my right to buy and own guns. It WILL NOT stop me from buying any more guns if I so desire.

Their presumed KING and president of the NRA, one Wayne LaPierre has threatened to withhold donations (READ BRIBES) from their campaign coffers if they even talk about ANY gun legislation and as usual, THE COWARDS run and hide rather than stand up to this dictator. Even though over 90% of the American people and this includes a large number of gun enthusiasts as well, want to see these loopholes closed.

At one time, I was considered a Republican and almost always voted a straight Republican ticket. As of today, I refuse to vote for ANY Republican from city council to the president of the U.S.A.. Until these COWARDS come out from their hiding places, stand up to their king and show the world that they are willing to do the RIGHT thing, NO REPUBLICAN will ever get my vote again. I will write in Mickey The Boob if there is no other choice. I will also do my best to see that EVERYONE I can influence, ends up feeling the same way that I do about this issue.

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