I am so sick to death listening to these news reporters harping about this little shit snow storm that hit the east coast this past week. At least everybody had plenty of warning and as usual, the weather reporters and all the other reporters panicked the whole eastern half of the country.

Do any of these assholes remember the BLIZZARD of 1978. The weather report was for a cloudy day with POSSIBLE snow flurries. It started to FLURRY about 10 AM.  We fucking ended up with between 40 and 50 inches of snow, depending on where you lived.

The whole of New England was shut down for over a week. Rhode Island had to wait for New Hampshire to plow it’s self out and then borrow some of their equipment because Rhode Island’s equipment wasn’t made for that kind of snow fall. Cars where stuck and abandoned all over the place because all we where supposed to get were flurries, so everyone went to work as usual that day and most people COULDN’T get home that night.

Big fucking deal, DC got 22 inches and New York got 24 inches. Try 40 to 50 inches then tell me about how you fucking “survived”

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