I have been watching the Black Lives Matter movement since it started in Ferguson Missouri in August of 2014. I have watched on CNN, HLN and occasionally on local news channels as well.

They have interrupted political rallies and taken over the microphones, they have marched in the streets and blocked traffic, they have blocked malls and store fronts deliberately hurting peoples business’s.

This, all done in the name of white police shooting and killing black people. I will NOT defend these shootings. I have seen some of the videos and will be the first to admit that the police in some cases, in my opinion, were absolutely wrong. But I also need to say that the black people that where shot or otherwise killed where being questioned for potential criminal acts.

NOW, my point is that I have yet to see them marching and protesting when a black person kills another black person. Whether it be gang related, a domestic dispute or for any other reason.

So my question to the leaders of The Black Lives Matter movement is, do black lives matter in ALL cases or only when a white cop kills a black person.

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