First of all, my heartfelt sympathies for the families in all of the shootings around the country.

There are people out there that are yet again starting to yell for gun control and ammo control. So lets’s look at government controls logically.

First of all, there was prohibition in the 30’s when the government tried to outlaw alcohol and we all know how well that worked. It brought organized crime into existence.

Then starting in the 60’s, there was drug control. Drug control is still going on today and there again, we all know how well that has worked.

As of now almost every state says that a convicted felon CAN NOT own a gun, but if you read the paper and watch the news, you will see that almost all of them when rearrested, have a gun.

As a law abiding citizen, I can buy a gun in a gun store and it only takes a gun store about 15 minutes to do a background check on me. If I wanted to, I can buy a gun on the street faster than I can buy it legally.

Norway has some fairly restrictive gun laws and we have all heard about the shooting and bomb spree about a year ago.

Most of Europe has fairly restrictive gun laws and every criminal has a gun. So it brings us back to the what I and most rational people say,


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