The pumpkins are being treated inhumanly, especially at this time of year,and nobody seems to care

Forced to live in over crowded and unhealthy conditions, piled on top of each other, never being fed or given enough water. Even the little ones are not immune to thisĀ  horrible treatment.

Look at the pumpkins in the picture, the scares and blemishes from the poor treatment they receive.

And these are just a few of the pumpkins forced to live under these conditions.

And worst of all, being sold into slavery. The little ones are separated from their parents with no thought to the physiological damage they may suffer.

And when sold, the new owners treat them even worse. They are carved and disfigured and then left to sit on the front steps with no thought to what the weather might be.

This deplorable treatment MUST stop. The gift of just $1.00 could help save these pumpkins.

Send your tax deductible donation to ??????

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